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Increase Your Security Maturity: Sign Up for a Trial Now!

Currently, the average cost of a data breach is $4.2 million. People remain the weakest link in the chain of security, so a cybersecurity mindset is the best defense against attack.

Use our Security Maturity Quest to immediately reduce critical security vulnerabilities in your organization.

Sign up for a free five-day trial that gives five users access to the first five challenges in our Security Maturity Quest.

These challenges will:

Assess your team’s Information Security knowledge baseline and provide them with a Security Maturity score
Get your team to strengthen their passwords
Guide your team to secure their mobile devices
Advise you team on how to defend their devices from cyber attacks
Coach your team on the vulnerabilities of working outside of the office


Once you've signed up for the trial, we'll need 72 hours to set your team up on the Cognician platform.