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Activation In Conversation

In these informative videos, Patrick Kayton, Co-Founder and CEO, along with Colin Sloman, Chief Strategy Officer, introduce you to the world of Cognician.

Introducing Cognician

Introducing Activation 


In this video, Patrick and Colin dive into the fascinating topic of activating behavior change for employees. They share insights and strategies that can make a real impact, driving change at a meaningful scale and pace. Let's get started!

Designing Your Activation Plan

Designing Your Activation Plan

You've met Patrick and Colin in our introduction video about Cognician. In this second video, Colin and Patrick join you from Hammersmith in London to discuss how to use the Activation framework to drive transformational change. 

Designing Your Activation Plan

Experimenting and Measuring Effects 

In our previous video, we learned about the significance of measuring behavior change. Building upon that, Cognician goes a step further by promoting experimentation as a means to uncover diverse strategies for driving and embedding change. 

Activation Videos

Supporting Your Change Framework 

At this juncture, Colin and Patrick take a moment to reflect on change management and how the topics covered in previous videos fit into broader change practises. Join us in a discussion on how the Cognician platform can be incorporated into your change programs. Cognician's Activation framework helps you with the 'how' and assists with measuring what's working and what isn't. 

Have Some Fun With The Activation Tactics Cards

Pick a card, any card... Click on the card image, and then click again to watch the videos of Patrick and Colin sharing stories about the cards, their meanings and the activation tactics as they apply in real-world scenarios.

Latest Webinars

Did you miss the last webinar? Great news! We've recorded it for you. Watch the full 30-minute videos discussing rapid activation and a plan to help you speed up change within your organization and make it stick.


Activating Behavior Change With Cognician

Patrick Kayton and Colin Sloman, Cognician’s CEO and CSO, discuss the origins of the company and its development into a powerful employee activation platform. Watch this video to learn more about the way Cognician’s unique framework activates meaningful change in a wide range of contexts.


Accelerating Change With Cognician's Activation Framework

Barry Kayton and Patrick Kayton, Cognician’s founders, discuss the activation tactics and behavior change methods that speed up change and make it stick. Watch this webinar to find out how to activate behavior change for employees at pace and scale. 


Unleashing the Power of Change: Exploring Activation & Generative AI 

In this webinar, Colin Sloman and Patrick Kayton discuss Cognician's latest program, which is all about fast-tracking the adoption of ChatGPT and opening the door to innovation and growth.


Activating Your Social Presence

For those who missed our live webinar with Colin Sloman, Patrick Kayton and Ed Sparkes, here is the recording. In this video, you'll see how Cognician helped LACE Partners activate its people to boost their online presence.

For many companies, their biggest source of untapped marketing potential is their own people. See how LACE Partners tapped into that potential and achieved a measurable shift in their digital footprint in just 30 days.


Activating Your Psychological Safety

Colin Sloman and Patrick Kayton from Cognician  hosted a webinar titled 'Activating Your Psychological Safety Journey' with Joriene Beks of Securing Candor. Don't worry if you missed it; you can find the recording here. Discover how 'doinking' – a combination of knowledge (thinking) and action (doing) – can activate meaningful collaboration and elevate mental health in your company.   

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