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Our powerful learning experiences activate behavior change by providing learners with actionable steps to practice and rapidly adopt new behaviors.


Activate Behavior Change

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Which Behavior Would You Like to Activate?

Take action in areas such as collaboration, communication, diversity, information security, and more!

Security Maturity-Quest

Security Maturity Quest

A cybersecurity mindset is the best defense against inevitable attacks. This 20-day Quest activates employees to eliminate or reduce security vulnerabilities.


Innovation Quest

Innovative teams are pioneers who aren't deterred by failure. This 10-day Quest activates managers to enable, nurture, and reward innovative thinking.


Activation Quest for Change Practitioners

This 10-day Quest activates Change Practitioners to drive bottom-up, action-orientated approaches for behavioral change for more successful change interventions.

Sustainability Quest

Sustainability Quest

Our Sustainability Quest will help your people activate sustainable behaviors where it's easiest – at home.

Hybrid Leadership Quest

Hybrid Leadership Quest

Our Hybrid Leadership Quest is designed to guide leaders through 10 practical challenges based on core themes including adaptability, collaboration, trust, inclusion, wellness, and connection.

Data Fluency Foundations Quest

Data Fluency Foundations Quest

This 10–day Quest activates data analysis and storytelling behaviors for all learners, because data is not just for 'numbers people'.


Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Quest

A diverse and inclusive work environment is key to organizational success. This 20-day Quest activates employees to take measurable steps to be more inclusive.


Leadership Quest

This 10-day Quest activates leaders to foster behaviors that develop strong, aligned, and energetic teams who feel valued.


Agile Leadership Quest

Developing organizational agility starts with the leadership team. This 10-day Quest activates leaders to foster an agile environment for their teams.


Feedback Focus Quest

Helpful feedback improves performance, productivity, and employee well-being. This 20-day Quest activates employees to give and receive feedback more effectively.


Team Building Quest

Teams that are connected are successful. This 10-day Quest encourages employees to collaborate better and to support, appreciate, and celebrate each other as a team.


Collaboration Quest

Through this 10-day Quest, managers will learn to foster effective communication, identify individual strengths, share knowledge, and celebrate team successes.


Communication Quest

Communication in the workplace plays a huge role in performance. This 10-day Quest activates employees to practice effective communication techniques.


Workplace Agility Quest

This 8-day Quest activates employees to take concrete actions that help to build their resilience, keep on track, and to address rapidly changing business needs.


Remote Activation Quest

As most companies already know, remote work comes with many challenges and adjustments. This 7-day Quest activates employees to successfully adjust to an at-home work environment.


Self-Leadership Quest

The 12 challenges empowers individuals to take ownership of their work, schedules, and relationships with colleagues.


ChatGPT Foundations Quest

Over 12 days, participants will be challenged to try different tasks with ChatGPT that will unlock new ways of working and collaborating – and ultimately, boost their creativity, productivity and effectiveness in a range of areas. 

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