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Feature Rich. Responsive. Fully Supported.


Highly customizable

We partner with leading international organizations to deliver a world-class digital coaching solution that can be customized to meet specific business goals.

Micro-assessments and surveys

Quantitatively measure user attitudes and shifts in thinking patterns and behavior.

Responsive design

The platform is designed to work seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

24/7 support

Our Intercom messaging system offers real-time support.

Adaptive learning paths

We can deliver unique content to individuals within the same group, tailored to their specific organizational function or needs.

Data visualization

We visualize individual scores and aggregated data at a point in time, and we can show how it changes over time and according to user characteristics.

Follow-through prompts

Set automated reminders to follow through on your commitment to change.

Integration with third-party platforms

Cognician plays nicely with other systems.

Social learning

Sharing insights and 'liking' and commenting on insights from others adds a social layer to learning.

Powerful administrative back end and analytics

We record and time-stamp every user interaction, which
means we collect a mountain of data (both quantitative and qualitative) from users. When analyzed, the data yields new information and knowledge that can be used for business intelligence.

Let's Talk?

We have a range of solutions that will suit your business needs. Book a call with us to discover ways to speed up change in your organization, and make it stick.

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