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So What Is Digital Coaching?

Take the reflective questioning approach of a coach and combine it with an online platform that supports self-directed and personalized learning, and you have a recipe for creating sustainable change at scale. Our programs use coaching guides (we call these 'cogs') to guide learners with powerful mental models that steer their thoughts and actions. We support the development of new habits by helping learners to follow through over time on their commitment to change.

How Do Cogs Inspire Change?



We break down complex client IP into discrete chunks.


We organize concepts into memorable, actionable frameworks.


We create questions that enable learners to internalize powerful new concepts and turn them into action.


We build the learning experience around the learner’s personal context.

What’s in a Cog?​


1. Avatar

The customizable chat avatar represents your coach. This could be an internal or external coach, a line manager, a change leader, or anyone who represents mentoring and people development in your organization.

2. Response Field

The response field gives your learners the opportunity to enter their responses to coaching questions. Learning experiences that elicit these kinds of self-explanations can improve learning gains considerably.

3. Prompt

We use many prompt types to steer a learner’s thinking in different directions – Likert scales, multiple-choice questions, ranking prompts, and so on. The most effective and common prompts are powerful, open-ended coaching question prompts.

4. Insights

All of your responses in a cog are private, but you can choose to share insights with your colleagues. Your colleagues’ insights are visible in the chat space, and you can ‘like’ and comment on them.

5. Sidebar

While the chat space is for powerful questions and prompts that guide your thinking, the sidebar is for rich multimedia content that supports your thinking. It provides models for best practices, case studies from a variety of businesses, and stories that inspire and motivate you.

6. Worksheet

Each session in a cog is stored as a worksheet. You can open this worksheet anytime, anywhere, on any device. The platform will remember where you left off, and you can pick up your session seamlessly.

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