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How the Quest Works

The Hybrid Leadership Quest is a chat-based, coaching-like experience that drives meaningful conversations, powerful ideas, and "a-ha!" moments around Hybrid Leadership. This approach enables the rapid, lasting adoption of innovative leadership behaviors in your organization. We do this by:



Completions indicate that users have awareness and understanding of a topic.



Positive activation checks show that users have followed through and taken specific actions.



Insights demonstrate that users have reflected on their experiences in a way that reinforces the desired mindsets.

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Social Engagement

'Likes' and comments tell us that a user's insights are positively impacting others in the group and are initiating social learning.

The Challenges

As workplaces start to reopen after the pandemic, hybrid models are now shaping the next era of work. A Gallup study showed that 53% of US workers expect to have a hybrid working arrangement going forward. It is important for leaders to evolve and adapt their management style, tools, and techniques to this new way of working. Our Hybrid Leadership Quest is designed to guide leaders through 10 practical challenges based on core themes including adaptability, collaboration, trust, inclusion, wellness, and connection.

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Discover Your Hybrid Leadership Quotient

Discover your Hybrid Leadership Quotient by answering a short quiz.


Shape Your Model

Get input from your team about your current hybrid model.


Find Your Optimal Layout

Explore a few different hybrid office layouts that enable collaboration. Then, make a few notes on what you can implement right now.


Create an Inclusive Space

Observe meetings and chats in the team channels this week. Identify team members that may be feeling excluded and/or disengaged.


Facilitate Casual Connection

Set up a fun quiz or organize an event for your team to connect casually.


Check In Consistently

Schedule a monthly 1:1 with each of your team members.


Tap into Technology

Explore a new tool that can enhance your team's ability to collaborate. 


Set Boundaries 

Schedule a session to discuss core collaboration times with your team.


Host Effective Hybrid Meetings

Establish a set of ground rules for your in-person and hybrid meetings.


Rediscover Your Hybrid Leadership Quotient

Reassess your quotient/baseline by answering a few questions.



Let's Talk?

We have a range of solutions that will suit your business needs. Book a call with us to discover ways to speed up change in your organization, and make it stick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. Our quests drive the adoption of new behaviors and habits, and the best way to do this is by giving people the opportunity to practice and repeat.

    We do this in the form of a 10-day Quest. Each day, for the duration of the Quest, a participant accepts a bite-sized challenge. The challenge will introduce an offline activity to complete between online sessions. Once complete, a user will then come back and reflect on the experience of trying new behaviors. Reflecting on our experiences drives behavior change in a short time.

  • Designated administrators will have access to the "Manage" section of Cognician, which is our reporting dashboard.

    The "Manage" section gives administrators a collection of helpful information about participants and their activities on the platform. For example, every time someone uses a cog (short for "coaching guide", which is what we call a learning module at Cognician), the system logs their actions so that administrators can view the learner’s journey, how many cogs have been completed, and where the team seems to be struggling.

    Administrators can monitor general participant progress and export CSV documents that contain cog completion data and even the insights shared by the users.

  • Yes. We have a variety of Quests available, tailored to help you activate behavior change when it matters.

  • Yes. Cognician adheres to a data privacy model whereby privacy protections overlay most existing security protection mechanisms and the focus and investment is applied across People, Processes, and Technology.

  • Yes. Cognician is trusted by global management consultancies and their clients, based on the team’s practice of privacy and security by design. The team’s main security objective is to continually assess and improve its ability to prevent, detect and respond to cyber incidents using a threat-based risk management approach, and treating cybersecurity as part of its integrated risk management processes.
  • Yes. We provide 24hr support for users. You can email with any queries. Alternatively, when you are on the platform, click or tap on the chat icon on the bottom right page and the support team will assist you.