SAN DIEGO, CA, August 23, 2022 Cognician is thrilled to announce that it has won three golds at the 2022 Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards. Together with its global partners, Cognician has won in the categories for Best Advance in Social Impact Innovation, Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Program, and Best New Hire Onboarding Program

"We are so grateful to be recognized by Brandon Hall yet again and to receive these awards for our collaboration with our amazing partners and clients," says Barry Kayton, co-founder of Cognician. "These awards represent a major achievement in helping our clients to realize their learning goals and to activate employees at speed and scale." 

The winning programs were:

  • Responsible Leadership Challenge – a program created for The World Economic Forum. It brings responsible leadership to a network of young leaders and changemakers in more than 150 countries. This groundbreaking program won two gold medals in both the Best Advance in Social Impact Innovation and Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Program categories.
  • Year One with Finance – a program created with and for one of our most prestigious partners and clients. It guides new joiners in their first weeks in the organization’s finance department and supports them during their first year on the job. This program won in the category of Best New Hire Onboarding Program.

Says Patrick Kayton, co-founder of Cognician, "So much has changed in business these past few years that the need to pivot, shift mindsets, and embrace change has never been greater. These awards mean a lot to us and our team. We’re so proud to have added to our growing tally of awards and to be recognized with our partners for some great programs." 

Cognician activates employees through scalable, personalized, and data-driven digital experiences that achieve measurable change in 30 days or less. This behavior change approach, based on neuroscience, is grounded in action, follow-through, reflection, and social engagement. Cognician’s chat-based, interactive interface is user-friendly and guides employees to adopt new ways of thinking and action for personal development, team collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

About Cognician 

Cognician delivers impactful change activities reliably and consistently to global teams. Cognician’s bite-sized change and learning activities are customized, social, and gamified. Fortune 1000 clients use Cognician's capabilities to shift mindsets, adapt to disruptive changes, and activate behavior change.

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