Activate Good Communication Skills for Better Mentoring Relationships

Discover how to activate better communication skills that can help you build meaningful mentoring relationships.

Akwete, a senior associate at an international law firm, felt nervous going into her first mentorship session with Andrew, a global partner in the same firm. What would a young woman from a working-class Ghanian family find in common with her mentor?

As it turns out, quite a lot! Why? Good communication. Andrew was able to put Akwete at ease during their session by being positive, open-minded, transparent, and concise. 

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Good communication underpins successful mentoring relationships. By downloading our ebook,  10 Days To Effective Communication For Mentors, you too can become a great communicator.

You'll have access to Cognician's award-winning neuroscience-based methodology, enabling you to take concrete actions that lead to more effective communication and improved results in just 10 days.

Activate eight different communication skills, including: 

  • Active listening
  • Positive body language
  • Clarifying their understanding
  • Being friendly 
  • Assertiveness and displaying confidence
  • Clarity and succinctness of messages
  • Giving and receiving feedback

The “10 Days To Effective-Communication For Mentors” ebook contains a complete program to help you activate good communication skills that include:

  • A survey to assess your current communication skills
  • 10 daily challenges
  • Meaningful questions to help you reflect on your challenges to facilitate engaging discussions and solidify learning