See How a Police Force Achieved a 60% Increase in the Number of Employees Who Felt Confident about Using New Software

In what ways could sharing work-related insights in your organization help with managing workload more effectively?

west-midlands-police-achieved-a-60%-increase-in-the-number-of-employees-who-felt-confident-about-using-new-software-feature-imageA police force upgraded their information management software which allowed them to conveniently store and tag all information related to their investigations. Unfortunately, for several reasons, the software wasn't being used properly and staff were resistant to the new system. Making this transition with minimal disruptions was crucial as improper use could impede the investigation process.

Cognician created a multi-day challenge that would activate officers to use the new software in the right way, iron out legacy issues, and know where to find resources if they were stuck in the future.

The program gave the officers an opportunity to take small actions and practice using the software in bite-size chunks. Units were able to socially engage with their peers by sharing what they had learned and valuable tips they thought would make the transition easier. As a result of users sharing insights and engaging with the program, an additional 11 tag categories were added to the new software to help police staff manage their workload more effectively. After the program was implemented, the percentage of users who felt confident about using the software increased by 60%.

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