How a Software Company Increased Adoption of Generative AI by 150% in Just 3 weeks

Discover how a leading software company activated generative AI mindsets and accelerated rapid adoption of ChatGPT in just 3 weeks.


Six months on from the public release of ChatGPT, employee adoption of GenAI technology at a leading software company was still quite low. They noticed that when it was used, it was used superficially to perform a narrow range of simple tasks. There wasn't as much experimentation, critical evaluation, creativity or innovation in its use as there could be.


To help with this, we designed a 12-day ChatGPT Foundations Quest. It sought to create momentum around GenAI adoption and instil new ways of thinking, working and collaborating with AI.

Each day, their people were given the goldilocks amount of guidance to quickly get going, and meaningful challenges that directly benefitted their work. It was socially charged in a way that fuelled high levels of ‘we’re-in-it-together’ type participation.

The program was highly successful: 

  • 74% of participants felt that the Quest had been a catalyst for them to start using GenAI tools in earnest.
  • 150% more people started using ChatGPT daily or multiple times a day.
  • 91% of participants felt more confident using GenAI tools like ChatGPT in their work afterwards.

Crucially, participants reported saving close to 2 hours each week by using GenAI!

Download the resource to view, and share, these successful metrics for yourself.

You'll also get to learn about the remarkable shifts in mindset we helped bring about, and the incredible rates of activation of new GenAI behaviors that we achieved.