How a Multinational Company Achieved a Digital Transformation

Discover how a multinational company embraced digital transformation to become a digital organization and disruptive innovator.

210329-Case Study-desktop-shutterstock-486956230On their path to digital transformation, the multinational company needed to address critical gaps, help the organization develop digital competence and alignment, as well as provide the organization with a common language to unify their efforts.

They also needed a solution that would address employees at scale and deliver impact in the most efficient timeframe. They recognized a further challenge: employees not only have limited time and cognitive bandwidth, but also have to contend with countless stimuli competing for their attention. To deliver the most far reaching and impactful learning experience, it was important that the learning solution was tailored to overcome these obstacles.

Download this resource and learn more about the digital transformation. Plus, find out more about the partnership between the organization and Cognician, and the impact of a successful solution. Key focus areas of the solution included:

  • Creating organization-wide awareness about the digital transformation being implemented and why it is important
  • Providing ways for everybody to incrementally innovate in their own area
  • Providing advanced innovation techniques to consultants
  • Aiding change management efforts and education to enable the organization to become a digital company and disruptive innovator.