How LACE Partners Boosted Their Brand Impressions by 66%

Discover how LACE Partners – a boutique HR consultancy – encouraged their team to find their own voice and share their expertise on LinkedIn, resulting in an upswing in new followers and page views. 

background04LACE Partners introduced the Social Boost Bootcamp to empower their team to amplify social posts on LinkedIn and improve their digital reach. Even though the team knew how important it was to share posts, they were often unsure and hesitant about sharing their own take on trending topics. 

The program encouraged consistent posting, sharing of expertise, and engagement with official content. Five specific areas of focus were defined, and each weekly challenge brought the team closer to success. Despite initial hesitancy, the team supported one another and cheered each other on. As weeks passed, their engagement and reach on LinkedIn grew significantly.

The program culminated in a remarkable increase in traffic: 

  • Page views increased by 66%.
  • New visitors to the LinkedIn page increased by 58%.
  • New followers increased by 61%. 

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Beyond achieving online success, the program fostered a strong sense of camaraderie among the team, positioning them as thought leaders and uniting them in their journey toward greater achievements with their digital presence.