Change Management Principles That Activate Employees

Download this ebook to activate employee behavior change and see meaningful changes in your team.

220322 Activation Ebook Web imageWhen you create a change management strategy, how much are you focusing on activation?
Activation is a principle used to create repeatable systems for behavior change for successful learning at work. It prompts employees to take action, follow through on those actions, reflect, and engage socially. 

Activation simply means unlocking the untapped potential within people. It means giving people opportunities to actively apply new ideas by adjusting their behavior. New concepts are then cemented through practice, reflection, and readjustments. 

This guide will help you foster behavior changes in the workplace and multiply your change management efforts. This will lead your team to experience significant behavior changes within 11 days.  

Here's what you can look forward to when downloading this Change Management Principles That Activate Employees ebook:

  • The 11-day challenge, based on the activation principle, to help leaders
  • Leverage the neuroscience of learning
  • Use reflection for powerful results
  • Use creative ideas to influence their teams
  • Encourage meaningful collaboration and contribution
  • Inspire commitment and follow-through