Discover Your Team's Vulnerability Level with This Cybersecurity Survey for Team Leaders

Use our survey to assess your team's current vulnerability level.

CISO Cheat Sheet | Check Your Teams Vulnerability Level With This Cybersecurity Survey - Featured ImageInfoSec training doesn't do much good if your employees are not developing lasting cybersecurity habits.

Most of your team have probably received some form of cybersecurity awareness training, but would they pass a basic test? A cybersecurity study by TalentLMS and Kenna Security found that 61% of respondents did not, indicating that most cybersecurity training initiatives are not working.

Our lack of success with traditional infosec training prompted us to create our own program: the Security Maturity Quest. This engaging learning experience uses neuroscience-based techniques to activate your team, seamlessly incorporating security behaviors into their everyday lives.

A key part of the Security Maturity Quest is a survey that each user must complete before starting the Quest, which allows us to show improvement before and after the quest. Use this survey to assess the security maturity of your team.

This cybersecurity survey includes:

  • 10 statements for team leaders to gauge their team's security level
  • Suggested action plans