How Aware Are You of Your Unconscious Biases?

Take this survey to assess your awareness of your implicit biases in the workplace.

220315 unconscious bias-featureEvery time we make a decision, our background, life experiences, and cultural values inform our choice. This shortcut that our brains have developed enables us to navigate the incredible amount of information we’re exposed to daily. Unfortunately, while this cognitive function makes decision-making easier by making unconscious judgments about people and situations, it often leads to incorrect and poor decision-making.

In the workplace, this can negatively impact recruitment decisions, slow down employee development, impair diversity, and drive up attrition. A study by Deloitte found that out of 3,000 people, 39% said that they experience bias at least once a month. 

Unconscious bias is ubiquitous and can present itself in a myriad of ways. It's vital that we take responsibility for it. If you understand it, you can mitigate it. Start with this resource to get a sense of your awareness of your unconscious bias. 

This survey includes 20 statements to gauge your awareness of your implicit bias.