Activate Mentorship for Diversity in Leadership Roles

Download this ebook to activate your employees' mentorship for diversity in leadership roles.

Mentoring is a vital part of activating diversity and inclusion, including being an ally to minorities and marginalized groups. The goal should be for people of all backgrounds to have a fair chance at advancing in the organization. 

Download Resource220309 d&i for leadershipFostering diversity in the workplace has a number of great benefits to activate behavior change. One of which is that diverse teams provide a wider perspective for problem-solving. According to a report by McKinsey, diverse teams outperform less diverse competitors by 35%. And according to Deloitte, diversity enhances innovation by 20%. 

Does your team include a diverse set of decision-makers within leadership roles? 

Creating a heterogeneous team requires an active effort towards diversity and inclusion. Having employees mentor one another and collaborate towards their career goals is fundamental to activating behavior change.

In this ebook, your employees will receive tangible action points on: 

  • Being future-oriented and planning for the long haul
  • Valuing and being respectful of other people's differences
  • Create systems for success to activate employee excellence
  • Sharing knowledge and insights that activate reflection
  • Activating team collaboration to appreciate diverse perspectives to solve problems
  • Activating innovation and creativity

The “Activate Mentorship for Diversity in Leadership Roles” ebook includes:

  • Practical challenges to activating behavior change.
  • Meaningful questions to help employees reflect their behaviors and beliefs
  • A breakdown of Cognician's Quest Collection Free Trial to achieve scalable changes within your organization