From learning that sticks to enabling growth, activating impactful behavior change is crucial to successful change management.

From learning that really sticks to enabling personal and professional growth, many reviewers agree that Cognician activates impactful behavior change at scale. Whether it’s flexible and customized programs or off-the-shelf products, teams say we’re worth the investment. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear what our customers have to say.

Catalyzes learning and behavior change with a dynamic, engaging platform

“As an end-user, the Cognician platform is the most dynamic and engaging platform I have ever used for training/behavior change purposes. Its high level of interactivity made the learning process feel relevant and enjoyable every step of the way; I even got my hand slapped for advancing too quickly in the program, but I couldn't get enough of the platform! Due to the aforementioned factors, all that I learned in that course has really stuck with me, much more so than what I have learned in traditional training courses, and I apply what I learned regularly to positively change both my behavior and that of the team I lead.”  Amber S, Collaboration Manager


Drives behavior change with behavioral psychology

“I have worked with Cognician as partners in a number of client engagements. The Cognician technology solution is user friendly and simple but most importantly a lot of thought has gone into the behavioral psychology of the platform. There is consideration of this to the tiniest detail. The team at Cognician are a joy to work with as they are always looking to continuously improve and deliver value. They will pull out all the stops to deliver. I am impressed with the continually evolving functionality and new solutions.”  Susannah D, Talent Strategy Senior Manager


Builds enthusiasm for change with humorous touches and ramps up engagement

“I worked with Cognician to create a 30-Day Challenge to build enthusiasm for a transformational change (new operating model and capabilities in a business function). Throughout, Cognician worked with us as thought partners, providing feedback and suggestions on the approach. Their tool was also fantastic: highly reliable and engaging. The client (and I!) especially liked the humorous touches. The end result: the client launched the transformation with energy, enthusiasm and record engagement.”  Nicole D, Strategy Manager


Integrates multiple approaches to make behavior change stick

“Cognician's software is the most effective way to make behavior change stick for individuals and at the enterprise level. It is simple, fun, and gamified. Everything is integrated within the Cognician platform which provides a seamless user experience from the admin perspective, not to mention from the end user perspective. Cognician is one of the best organizations to work with on projects on a day-to-day basis.”  Wendy C, Offering Development Principal


Enables impact measurement of change management initiatives

We are bringing about organizational process and culture changes as well as introducing digital learning to businesses that use more traditional learning approaches. We have seen positive employee sentiment about the experience and satisfaction about the innovative ways their employers are helping their professional development. Most importantly, we are seeing the value of having extensive and reliable data to measure the impact of change management initiatives.” Manager/Operations in Management Consulting 


Enables personal and professional growth

“During COVID-19 we found our participants with disabilities experiencing feelings of loneliness, isolation, and lacking physical activity. We wanted a platform to allow them to maintain stimulation of their body and mind and this was a great tool. It enabled their personal and professional growth and gained skills they could contribute to work after the pandemic was over.”  Katelyn Q, State Director


Activates employee behaviors at scale

“Many organizations talk about behavior change but few actually make it happen. Cognician's platform and interface activate employee behaviors at scale through multi-day challenges. I have worked with the team multiple times and consistently see impactful results in our behavior change programs. The programs make change stick in an organization, at scale, by giving employees a chance to learn about, practice, and reflect on new behaviors and ways of working.”  Manager/Operations in Management Consulting


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