Ever wanted to understand how your employees feel about specific topics? Through Insight Analysis, you can do just that.

What is the value of an insight? The acclaimed poet and polymath Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. once said that "A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience." That sentiment holds true for all aspects of our lives, including business. Many successful organizations started with a simple insight into what their customers wanted: Amazon made it easier to buy books; McDonald's made fast food even faster. Similarly, an insight sparked the founding of Cognician. So the answer to our question is simple: insights are invaluable – the right one could be all it takes to find your next multi-million dollar opportunity. 

The big question is, where do we find valuable insights?  Brainstorming, sifting through mountains of data, or waiting for the apple to drop are ways to go about it. But at Cognician, we believe the best insights come from the people who know your business best: your employees. What could you achieve if you knew what your employees really thought and felt?

At Cognician, insights are an integral part of our learning methodology and a valuable by-product of our unique approach to activating behavior change. A user group can generate tens of thousands of insights while they engage with one of our custom behavior change programs on the Cognician platform. And using cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP), we can analyze these insights. We call this Insight Analysis. So as users learn on the platform, you can learn from them. 

We do this by asking powerful questions. As we create a program, we weave in questions specifically designed to generate the most valuable insights. Organizations can use these insights in learning and development, HR, innovation, management, operations, and sales. 

Below are a few of the many ways Insight Analysis can add value:

  • Crowdsource ideas for improvement and innovation
  • Find out what your people really think and how they feel
  • Assess whether your people are adopting the perspectives and vocabulary aligned with your objectives
  • Discover obstacles and constraints that your people face that you weren't aware of

Case Study: Employee Views on Disruptive Technology

We rolled out a digital transformation program to more than 3,000 employees at a major pharmaceutical company. The goal was to introduce these employees from all business areas to a variety of disruptive technologies – such as blockchain, drones, and machine learning – and then to invite them to think of possible ways to apply these in their everyday work.

We collected more than 700,000 words across 21,000 insights –  –a treasure trove of potentially innovative ideas. Then, using NLP, we extracted, summarized, and classified the ideas later used by the innovations department. 

We could do the same for you.

Analyzing your employees' insights can help in many ways, from sparking innovation, uncovering the most promising sources of growth, developing successful product offerings, and improving efficiency. Let's find your next great insight. Book a call today to learn more.