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23 February 2024

How do you shape a GenAI mindset?

To realise the value of GenAI it's not enough to create experiences that build adoption. Organizations should also focus on developing a GenAI mindset.

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19 October 2023

ChatGPT - What you should do next

There's so much buzz about ChatGPT, but how can you assist your organization in adopting it safely and ethically? Chief Strategy Officer, Colin Sloman discusses how Cognician can help.

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18 July 2023

Change Made Easy

Why is change so hard? And how can it be made easy? In this thought-provoking blog post, our Chief Strategy Officer, Colin Sloman, delves into the challenges of change and offers insights on how to make it easier. Drawing on his expertise in change management, transformational change, and behavioral science, Colin shares captivating stories of both failures and successes in the realm of change. Join him as he explores the evolution of change and its ongoing impact on organizations. 

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3 May 2022

Sustainability Is No Longer an Option but the Only Way Forward for Businesses

The transition to sustainability doesn't have to be impossible. Our Chief Strategy Officer explains why and how Cognician can help.

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5 April 2022 | Feature

Designing for Evidence Using Mechanistic Explanations

Mechanistic explanations are one way we provide reliable evidence of behavior change. The following article discusses how.

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29 March 2022

Exploring the Role of Discovery in the Development of Our Learning Programs

How do we activate behavior change? This article discusses our discovery process for creating our custom programs.

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22 March 2022

Why Diversity and Inclusion Are Important for Problem-Solving

What happens when we bring in new perspectives? This article explores this and how to activate inclusive problem-solving.

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15 March 2022

By Becoming Aware of Your Unconscious Bias You Can Activate Behavior Change

Using one powerful idea, we show you how to become aware of your unconscious biases that reinforce negative stereotypes.

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8 March 2022

Leaders Who Listen: How to Collaborate in Diverse Teams

Nothing says "collaboration" quite like the launch of a space rocket.

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1 March 2022

How Mentoring Can Activate a Commitment to Lifelong Learning

"Wax on! Wax off!" As mentoring goes, who can forget the powerful lessons learned in the iconic movie The Karate Kid?

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22 February 2022

Activate an Innovation Culture by Adopting These Four Habits

Successful companies continuously embrace new ways of thinking. In this article, we will show managers how to make innovation a habit.

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11 January 2022 | Feature

Find Your Next Big Idea with Insight Analysis

Ever wanted to understand how your employees feel about specific topics? Through Insight Analysis, you can do just that.

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4 January 2022

What Termites Teach Us about Activating Change

Using a termite colony as an example, we discuss the power of collective action when activating behavior change at scale. 

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14 December 2021

The Powerful Role of Reflection in Activating Behavior Change

What is the best way to learn? This article explores the crucial importance of reflection in learning outcomes.

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25 November 2021

How to Track the Impact of a Cybersecurity Training Program

Tracking the impact of a training program comes back to the fundamentals of learning: Does the program activate behavior change within your teams?

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22 November 2021 | Feature

How Do Diversity and Inclusion Enhance Organizations?

We know intuitively that diversity matters. It’s also increasingly clear that it makes sense in purely business terms.

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15 November 2021 | Feature

COP26: What Comes Next?

We discuss what is next for organizations in the wake of COP26 and how they can rapidly adopt a sustainability agenda.

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10 November 2021 | Feature

The Big Question about COP26 and Why It's Important to Start Small

COP26 preparation is in full flow! So it is not surprising that many clients are asking how to drive a mindset shift within their organizations on climate, carbon, and a sustainable future for the planet.

Change Management

4 November 2021 | Feature

How Long Does It Take to Develop Security Maturity?

In this article, we discuss how to develop security maturity in 30 days or less using an activation approach.

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12 October 2021 | Feature

The Four Failures of Cybersecurity Training

Could your information security training be better? Here’s how you can improve it.

Activate Behavior Change

6 October 2021 | Feature

The Role of Discovery in Building Award-Winning Learning Programs

Discovery is key to building relevant and valuable behavior-change programs that are measurably effective.

Automated Coaching

4 October 2021 | Feature

How Cognician Builds Gamification into Learning to Activate Behavior Change

Wondering how to leverage gamification? Here’s how we trigger powerful emotions and maximize engagement in our change programs.

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14 September 2021 | Feature

Why Cybersecurity Training Is Failing Employees and How You Can Win

Quality training needs to activate behavior change, develop a cybersecurity mindset in employees and cultivate good habits.

Change Management

18 May 2021 | Fast Facts

3 Ways Transformational Conversations can Activate Behavior Change

At Cognician, we understand that conversation is key to activating behavior change. Find out why here...

Team Transformation

6 April 2021 | Fast Facts

3 Ways Simplicity Can Activate Behavior Change

There’s something to be said for simplicity. Especially when it comes to learning programs that claim to drive behavior change. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. 

Change Management

4 March 2021 | Opinion Piece

How Problem-Based Learning Can Activate Behavior Change

Problem-based learning can activate behavior change in organizations far more effectively than micro-learning.

Change Management

21 October 2020 | Feature

How to Activate Behavior Change at Work

How do you drive behavior change at work and make it stick? This framework explains the impact of digital learning experiences.

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