Thought Leadership in Your Inbox

8 March 2022

Leaders Who Listen: How to Collaborate in Diverse Teams

Nothing says "collaboration" quite like the launch of a space rocket.

Team Transformation Activate Behavior Change

22 February 2022

Activate an Innovation Culture by Adopting These Four Habits

Successful companies continuously embrace new ways of thinking. In this article, we will show managers how to make innovation a habit.

Team Transformation Activate Behavior Change

1 February 2022 | Feature

Has The 'Great Crew Change' Finally Arrived?

Cognician CSO, Colin Sloman, discusses the challenges and importance of reskilling oil and gas workers for a sustainable future.

Team Transformation

28 December 2021

Does Social Interaction Improve Learning Outcomes?

We review the work of  Zhang et al. (2017) to show that social engagement is vital in completing online learning programs. 

Team Transformation Behavior Change

21 December 2021

Why Don't Team Building Activities Work?

Team building can feel like a chore. This article explores how we can make these activities more meaningful and effective.

Agile Transformation Team Transformation

18 May 2021 | Fast Facts

3 Ways Transformational Conversations can Activate Behavior Change

At Cognician, we understand that conversation is key to activating behavior change. Find out why here...

Team Transformation

20 April 2021 | Fast Facts

3 Ways Habit Formation Can Transform Teams

Whether it’s being negative, missing deadlines or showing up late for meetings, bad habits can have a bad impact on your team.

Team Transformation Change Management

8 April 2021 | Feature

4 Ways to Build a Feedback Culture at Work

Giving and receiving feedback is critical for business success, but how do you develop a feedback culture at work?

Team Transformation Leading Change

29 March 2021 | Fast Facts

3 Facts about Fostering Teamwork that Change Managers Should Know

These fast facts explore how change managers can develop more effective, productive, and cohesive teams, improve communication, and foster harmony.

Team Transformation Digital Transformation

15 March 2021 | Fast Facts

3 Ways to Develop People at Work

Talent management isn’t only about recruiting and retaining the best employees you can find. It’s also about helping them become the best they can be at what they do and how they do it.

Talent Management Team Transformation

8 March 2021 | Fast Facts

3 Reasons Why Women Make a Positive Impact in the Workplace

Today, as we celebrate International Women's Day, we pay respect to all women who have been driving change in the workplace.

Team Transformation Leading Change

18 February 2021 | Opinion Piece

How Reflection Helps Us Learn, According to Science

When it comes to learning, simply memorizing content isn't the most effective strategy. Reflection is a necessary element.

Team Transformation Power Skills

16 February 2021 | Opinion Piece

How to Get Your Team Rowing to the Same Rhythm and Boost Results

A team that works together will be effective, but one that can achieve a state of flow will achieve a huge boost in results. 

Team Transformation Leading Change