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3 May 2022

Sustainability Is No Longer an Option but the Only Way Forward for Businesses

The transition to sustainability doesn't have to be impossible. Our Chief Strategy Officer explains why and how Cognician can help.

Leading Change Activate Behavior Change

15 February 2022

Three Ways Mentoring Can Activate Teams Success [For Leaders]

How do you become an effective mentor to your team? This article discusses three actions you can take as a leader.

Leading Change Behavior Change

8 February 2022

How Reverse Mentoring Activates Organizational Success

By turning the tables on traditional peer mentoring, reverse mentoring can activate new perspectives and lessons in the workplace.

Leading Change

8 December 2021 | Feature

This Is Not a Drill: How Should WPC Rise to the Challenge of a Net-Zero Future?

Will the most significant contributor to climate change rise to the challenge of a net-zero carbon future? 

Change Management Leading Change

13 August 2021

What Makes a Leader Successful at Activating Change?

It takes a great leader to change behaviors in any organization. But what are the qualities of a leader who successfully activates change?

Change Management Leading Change

20 May 2021 | Feature

What is an Agile Leader?

Agility is an important characteristic for businesses —and leaders too. But what makes a leader 'agile'?

Leading Change

8 April 2021 | Feature

4 Ways to Build a Feedback Culture at Work

Giving and receiving feedback is critical for business success, but how do you develop a feedback culture at work?

Team Transformation Leading Change

8 March 2021 | Fast Facts

3 Reasons Why Women Make a Positive Impact in the Workplace

Today, as we celebrate International Women's Day, we pay respect to all women who have been driving change in the workplace.

Team Transformation Leading Change

2 March 2021 | Opinion Piece

Why Inspiration Is a Great Enabler of Change—and How You Can Inspire

To activate behavior change within a team or organization, you need to enable inspiration to come from anyone, anywhere.

Change Management Leading Change

1 March 2021 | Fast Facts

5 Lessons Change Managers Can Learn from Seymour Papert

Seymour Papert's constructionist theory has played a key role in learning efforts. What can change managers learn from him?

Change Management Leading Change

25 February 2021 | Feature

Why Content Isn't Always the Answer for Change Management Practices

Content-heavy solutions are not always the answer when it comes to creating behavior change. Here's why...

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16 February 2021 | Opinion Piece

How to Get Your Team Rowing to the Same Rhythm and Boost Results

A team that works together will be effective, but one that can achieve a state of flow will achieve a huge boost in results. 

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