Today, as we celebrate International Women's Day, we pay respect to all women who have been driving change in the workplace.

Whether they’re driving change, part of a change process, or simply getting the job done, women are positively impacting the workplace.

Here are three facts on how they’re getting it right:

Fact 1: Women leaders help increase both profits and share performance

According to McKinsey’s Diversity and Inclusion report, women leaders can boost profits and the performance of shares by up to 50%. How? Women at the top encourage better governance and leadership.

As board members, they improve the overall performance of the boards they represent. And corporate performance improves too. Research shows that women on boards in general lead to increased corporate productivity.

Fact 2: Women encourage greater team collaboration

Women in general tend to show better social sensitivity. This promotes  more effective teamwork. And the better a team works, the more productive it is.

Research on women’s social skills shows that better communication leads to greater collaboration. Success comes from being able to effectively share knowledge and skills. Better cohesion equals better results. 

Fact 3: Women contribute different perspectives

Creativity and innovation are often triggered by throwing a different perspective into the mix. The more diverse the opinions in a team, the richer the collective conversation is.

Diverse teams mean wider input. Different points of view. Less tunnel vision. And a more exotic melting pot of ideas. 

Initiatives such as Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global are great examples of how women are driving change in the workplace and the positive impact this has.