COP26 preparation is in full flow! So it is not surprising that many clients are asking how to drive a mindset shift within their organizations on climate, carbon, and a sustainable future for the planet.

The good news is that the intentions are clear. Most boardrooms and policymakers have thought carefully about how to respond. Targets have been set, such as the UK's goal to ban non-EV sales by 2035. The EU is committing to net zero by 2050. And Google has pledged to "operate on carbon-free energy, everywhere, 24/7" by 2030. These commitments, in some ways, are the easy part. What matters most is how governments, employees, suppliers, and citizens engage, collaborate, and make smart choices to achieve these goals.

But how do you change the habits of a generation of consumers, employees, and citizens? How do you change cultures and shift whole industries to hit these goals? 

Not easy questions to answer – somewhat akin to the question of how to eat an elephant: in small pieces. Breaking down your organizational change goals into bite-sized chunks, like we do in our 30-day challenges, is one way to do it. It initiates positive dialogue and action across the organization.

What we do know is that organizations want faster, better, more impactful change. COVID-19 has shown us that, when demanded, organizational change can happen at scale, faster than we have ever imagined.

At Cognician, we've been enabling rapid, scalable change in large organizations for more than a decade. We see activating change through the lens of a simple formula, which we deliver through a cloud-based platform. 

Our formula for activation brings together four key principles: action, follow-through, reflection, and social engagement. 

When we apply these principles to activate a framework for sustainability, we enable organizations to connect the dots between their strategic goals and the behavior of their people on the ground. The board and C-suite may have committed to net zero by 20XX, but every level of the organization needs to know what to do today. This brings down the barriers to change by making actions specific and tangible. It makes it possible for any organization to enable its people to adopt sustainable habits right away. 

To enable this broader change, our platform prompts your people with simple, daily, tangible actions, built on sound neuroscientific principles. Each day brings a short challenge, building new habits and fostering innovation across the enterprise. That's how you can not only start but also sustain the innovation required to tackle the net zero agenda. By adding into the mix collaboration, internal competition, gamification, and some competitive spirit, we can build momentum, interest, and buy-in to your sustainable strategy. 

To find out how broad-scale solutions can start with one person (or one team), book a discovery call with a Cognician consultant