Thought Leadership in Your Inbox

5 April 2022 | Feature

Designing for Evidence Using Mechanistic Explanations

Mechanistic explanations are one way we provide reliable evidence of behavior change. The following article discusses how.

Activate Behavior Change

1 February 2022 | Feature

Has The 'Great Crew Change' Finally Arrived?

Cognician CSO, Colin Sloman, discusses the challenges and importance of reskilling oil and gas workers for a sustainable future.

Team Transformation

11 January 2022 | Feature

Find Your Next Big Idea with Insight Analysis

Ever wanted to understand how your employees feel about specific topics? Through Insight Analysis, you can do just that.

Activate Behavior Change

8 December 2021 | Feature

This Is Not a Drill: How Should WPC Rise to the Challenge of a Net-Zero Future?

Will the most significant contributor to climate change rise to the challenge of a net-zero carbon future? 

Change Management Leading Change

22 November 2021 | Feature

How Do Diversity and Inclusion Enhance Organizations?

We know intuitively that diversity matters. It’s also increasingly clear that it makes sense in purely business terms.

Activate Behavior Change

18 November 2021 | Feature

How Much Does Cybersecurity Training Cost?

In this article, we'll show you the most cost-effective ways to activate security behaviors that defend your organization. 

Change Management

15 November 2021 | Feature

COP26: What Comes Next?

We discuss what is next for organizations in the wake of COP26 and how they can rapidly adopt a sustainability agenda.

Activate Behavior Change

10 November 2021 | Feature

The Big Question about COP26 and Why It's Important to Start Small

COP26 preparation is in full flow! So it is not surprising that many clients are asking how to drive a mindset shift within their organizations on climate, carbon, and a sustainable future for the planet.

Change Management

4 November 2021 | Feature

How Long Does It Take to Develop Security Maturity?

In this article, we discuss how to develop security maturity in 30 days or less using an activation approach.

Activate Behavior Change

26 October 2021 | Feature

Leveraging the Zone of Proximal Development in Cybersecurity Training

Understanding the skill level of your team is essential when designing InfoSec training experiences.

Change Management

12 October 2021 | Feature

The Four Failures of Cybersecurity Training

Could your information security training be better? Here’s how you can improve it.

Activate Behavior Change

6 October 2021 | Feature

The Role of Discovery in Building Award-Winning Learning Programs

Discovery is key to building relevant and valuable behavior-change programs that are measurably effective.

Automated Coaching

4 October 2021 | Feature

How Cognician Builds Gamification into Learning to Activate Behavior Change

Wondering how to leverage gamification? Here’s how we trigger powerful emotions and maximize engagement in our change programs.

Activate Behavior Change

14 September 2021 | Feature

Why Cybersecurity Training Is Failing Employees and How You Can Win

Quality training needs to activate behavior change, develop a cybersecurity mindset in employees and cultivate good habits.

Change Management

6 July 2021 | Feature

What Are the Three Steps to Successful Behavior Change?

Successful behavior change can be simple, if done correctly. Here, we cover three steps needed to activate behavior change.

Change Management

20 May 2021 | Feature

What is an Agile Leader?

Agility is an important characteristic for businesses —and leaders too. But what makes a leader 'agile'?

Leading Change

6 May 2021 | Feature

How to Measure the Impact of a Behavior Change Program: Why Cause Matters

Once a behavior change program has been put in place, how can you measure its effectiveness? Here, we explain the process.

Change Management

22 April 2021 | Feature

What Are Soft Skills and Why Are They Important?

Soft skills are just as important as hard skills in the workplace, but what exactly are they?

Power Skills

8 April 2021 | Feature

4 Ways to Build a Feedback Culture at Work

Giving and receiving feedback is critical for business success, but how do you develop a feedback culture at work?

Team Transformation Leading Change

25 February 2021 | Feature

Why Content Isn't Always the Answer for Change Management Practices

Content-heavy solutions are not always the answer when it comes to creating behavior change. Here's why...

Leading Change

27 January 2021 | Feature

7 Lessons 2020 Taught Us About Change Management

2020 was nothing short of disruptive, but in hindsight, we have gleaned some important lessons. Here are some insights...

Change Management

21 October 2020 | Feature

How to Activate Behavior Change at Work

How do you drive behavior change at work and make it stick? This framework explains the impact of digital learning experiences.

Change Management